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Foreign Exchange Business

Aura Aktiv exchange office conducts foreign exchange business. We offer execution of cashless money transfers which allow you to exchange one currency for another.

Foreign Exchange Business Allows You to:

  • send cashless money transfers abroad,
  • accept cashless money transfers from abroad,
  • send and accept payments in various currencies in the Czech Republic.

Foreign Exchange Dealings are Profitable

Foreign Exchange Business Saves Your Time and Money:

  • You do not need to keep foreign currency in cash;
  • Payments are executed according to favourable up to date exchange rate;
  • In case you regularly execute money transfers with foreign business partners you can save considerable amount of money;
  • One single transfer allows you to purchase or sell foreign currency at favorable exchange rate and also to execute your payment at once;
  • Signing of genereal agreement makes foreign exchange dealings quick and simple .

Procedure for Conducting a Foreign Exchange Business at Aura Aktiv Exchange Office

Signing of General Agreement

  • Before transacting foreign exchange business you are to sign a general contract with Aura Aktiv Company. If you wish to see the contract beforehand, we are happy to oblige you and send the document via email.
  • General agreement can be signed at any of the branch offices of our Exchange Aura Aktiv.

Steps Required for Transacting a Foreign Exchange Business

  • Every single foreign exchange transfer is arranged by phone or at the Aura Aktiv exchange office. Your individual  exchange rate will be based on your requirements.
  • If you accept offered exchange rate the transfer shall be regarded as concluded.
  • In case you own neither the reciever’s nor the payer’s account, you are to mention the purpose of the payment. In case of foreign payment the payment identificators are required as well.
  • In case the account of the reciever of the transacted business is not  mentioned in the general agreement as your acconut  or as an account of your business partner, please send us detailed payment instructions.

Asset Transfer

  • Summarized details about the conducted foreign exchange transfer will be sent to you by e-mail in an arranged way.
  • Firstly, you send assets needed for the transaction to our account according to the obtained instructions.
  • As soon as we recieve your assets we will execute the arranged transfer.
  • Finally, payment summary containing all the important payment details will be sent to you after the transaction has gone through. You are free to choose the way of delivery.

Aura Aktiv Exchange Office is a holder of foreign exchange business licence issued by the Czech National Bank.  According to law your assets sent to our accounts are inusured in consonance with deposit instance assignment.

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