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AuraAktiv Exchange Office Offers Professional Services

Our well-established exchange office is located right in Prague city centre where you can find two branch offices of our brand. The first office could be found in the Politických vězňů Stree and the secomd one in the Široká Street. Because both of the offices are easily accesible you should be able to find them easily.

Our company guarantees authenticity of currencies and also provides the best exchnage rates in Prague. We offer much more favorable exchange rates then banks and other exchange offices. Do not expect any service charges. Exchange without commision is  a matter of course.

AuraAktiv Prague Exchange Bureau is known for supreme quality services. Whether they are money exchange or consultancy. At our offices you can expect helpful and decent personnel which has passed Czech Natinal Bank training. Our staff regurarly attends various seminars and teach-in courses in order to keep up-to-date with current trends in the world of money exchange. Excellent communication skills are also one of the essential qualities of our personel. There is no need to be worried about beeing treated differently just because you are a foreigner.

Enterpreneurs, regular clients, customers with printed voucher, which can be found on our website, or simply those who want to exchange larger sum of money (more than 1000 €) can expect even more profitable VIP exchange rates. After exchangiing your money you obtain all the receipts and documents required for accountancy. At our offices you will not waste your time when waiting in long lines as you may know from banks. You can aslo make reservation by phone and save your time. We accept change and we also buy back your previously exchanged money. Among our customers you can find natural persons, corporate bodies, travel agencies, embassies, local authorities, NGOs and other exchange offices.

Our personnel is looking forward to serving you. Echxange money at our offices and you will not regret it.

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