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AuraAktiv – warranty of top money exchange rates

Professional and well-established AuraAktiv exchange office in Prague provides first-class services. It also guarantees authenticity of echanged currencies and the best exchange rates in Prague. We sell and buy currencies without any service charges. Our exchange offices can be found at Politických vězňů Street 1531/9 or at Široká Street 22 right in the centre of Prague. We provide our services to natural persons as well as to corporate bodies.

In contrast to banks, which close early during the working days and are closed at the weekends, we offer friendly opening hours – escpecially the office in Široká Street. During workweek it is open till 8 pm and at the weekends it opens at 10 am and closes at 7 pm. Exchanges of larger sums of money can be executed any time, regardless the opening hours. Shoulld you need even more privacy and safety you can use our VIP cash desks. Both of our offices are monitored.

Main Principles of AuraAktiv Exchange Office:

  • money exchange without sevice charges;
  • time-honoured tradition and well-established position at the market;
  • skilled personnel trained by Czech National Bank;
  • provision of services to natural persons, corporate bodies, NGOs, travel agencies etc.;
  • benefitial exchange rates in case of larger sums of money;
  • individual attitude;
  • possibility of printing a voucher from our website which guarantees more favorable VIP exchange rates.

On our website you can learn more about currencies we exchnge including thier history or more detailed description etc. Our exchange office offers exchange of lass common currencies like Russin Rubles, Ukrainian Hryvnias, Bulrgarian Levs, Turkish Liras etc.

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